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About this Site

My great great great grandfather William Lords, served in the 11th as a member of company C for their entire duration from 1861 to 1864. This site is a collaborative work of my family to bring to life the heroic work of the entire 11th Michigan Infantry during the Civil War. My grandfather (Richard) who has spent much of the last 40 years documenting our family history has been invaluable with helping piece together much of what we already know of the 11th. With so much more accesible these days via digital archives, my grandpa, my dad (Thomas) and I have set out to continue the research of these men. While the title of this site is the 11th Michigan, there is focus on surrounding units as well as general Civil War information. I believe we honor the memory of our ancestors by researching what they did for us some 150 years ago. While that seems like a long time for me, being born in the 80’s, my grandpa (Richard) has vivid recollections of seeing Civil War veterans march in parades as a child. While my great great great grandfather didn’t know at the time he was fighting to preserve the great nation for me specifically, he did do it and I am deeply grateful for him and all the men.

It is our hope that this site would not only serve as a digital monument for the 11th, but as a research tool. We encourage anyone with questions or information to contact us.

Thank you for reading,